From ancient botanicals that serve to nourish the skin on a cellular level, to a life long ritual that opens the door to glowing healthy skin in complete harmony. 

We choose botanicals that work with the skin, and it's natural oils to activate the natural regenerative process for the cells. High antioxidant, soothing, and perfect for the most sensitive skin, each ingredient has been hand picked for it's perfect match to your skin type. 

Featuring pure, natural and organic ingredients that are cruelty free, and filled with antioxidants to intercept free-radicals of every day. 

Calm Natural Toner for Acne Prone Skin pH 7

Ritual Skin Care 

Adorn the skin with only pure potent plant botanicals. The ritual cleansing of the skin with gentle care is an act of gratitude for the protective layer of the body. Using balancing ingredients to be sure it remains in harmony with the elements and through the stressors that cause our skin to age. 

Cleanse + Tone + Hydrate 

Cleansing - begin your cleansing process with warm water and gently mix 1 tsp of THEO face wash in your hand or a bowl. Apply to the skin in a circular motion until it is covered. Rise with warm water and pat dry.

Exfoliate - massage THEO around the skin in a circular motion with gentle pressure. The tulsi holy basil and honey act as gentle exfoliants to the skin without being abrasive. 


The harmonizer of the skin. Rebalance the pH of the acid mantle by spritzing the toner around the face and decollate. The pH of each toner has been formulated to rebalance to pH of your skin. Our skin loves a pH of 5.5. When is feels out of balance that means the pH is off. Toner is the key to the unlock the proper skin balance. When the skin is dry the pH is usually to alkalized and causes a tight feeling. Glow has been formulated to bring the pH down. Combination can be slightly off so the Bright toner is perfect for the 5.5. Oily skin tends to be acidic, so Calm is formulated to care for the sensitivities of acne and bring the pH up to 5.5. 

Glow - for dry, sensitive and mature skin pH 4.5

Bright - for combination skin pH 5.5.

Calm - for oily acne skin pH 7


The beautiful plants that bring us oils and their rich fatty acids can give us the most beautiful glowing skin. Choosing a serum with minimal stabilizers and preservatives like Morning Dew will leave less work for the skin to do, and allowing the cells to do what they naturally do best. Re-generating. Their natural regeneration process will be boosted by the nurturing properties of the Morning Dew Serum. With Kakadu Plum, Camelina Seed, Sea Kelp Extracts.